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My favorite Korean word is 옷.

Can you guess why? It means dress/clothes/garment. And it also looks like a little stick person. Haha.

Wow, Yah is SO real! I am not ashamed of Him! He cannot be moved. In Him is life and victory! He’s so amazing!

So beautiful.


Congratulations, it’s a Maru! [via]


I’m in love with a Man;
I’m in love with a Stranger.
I’m in love with my Maker whom I have never seen.
I’m in love with the Lamb;
I’m in love with the Lion.
I’m in love with my Savior
whom I have yet to know.

Oh, won’t You let me love You more? This is all that I desire.
Won’t You let me love You more?
This is all that I require.
Won’t You let me love You more?
This is my deepest heart’s desire.
Won’t You let me love You more?
Still more and more?

You could give to me the gift of walking on water.
Maybe I will raise the dead.
I have one life to live
all I have to give to You is love.
I have one life to live
all I have to give to You is love.

If I never walk on water;
if I never see the miracles.
If I never hear Your voice so loud.
Just knowing that You love me is enough to keep me here.
Just hearing those words is enough; is enough to satisfy.
You do, You do; You satisfy.
I couldn’t leave even if a tried.
I must have You, I must have You, I must have You!

When it’s been said
and when it’s all been done…
When the race is run it all comes to love.


Misty Edwards “Let Me Love You More”

Common Korean Drama Phrases
Let’s Go: 가자 (ga-ja)
Really: 정말 or 진짜 (jeong-mal) or (jin-jja)
Don’t Leave: 가지마 (ga-ji-ma)
What is this?: 이거 뭐예요? (igeo-mwo-ye-yo)
I’m hungry: 배고파 (bae-go-pa)
Do you want me to kill you?: 죽을래? (jug-eul-lae)
What’s wrong/ Why are you being like this?: 왜그래? (wae-geu-rae)
Where are you right now?: 지금 어디야? (ji-geum eo-di-ya)
Not a chance/ No way/ No: 안돼 (an-dwae)
Are you crazy?: 너 미쳤어? (noh mi-cheoss-oh)

A struggle with learning Korean is all of the possible ways to say almost every word. There are multiple meanings of the same words (like in English) and also there can be 3 versions of the same word because they have formal and informal language. It’s still fun, though. I found an app where native Korean speakers who are learning/have learned English help people who want to learn Korean and then in turn, you help them with English. It’s a nice way to make Korean friends!

Happy birthday to my closest friend. c: I’m so thankful to our Creator for you.

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love."

1 John 4:18

If there is anyone out there who knows the Korean language and wants to learn English, I will totally be your English friend and I would like to learn some 한국어.

I had a dream that we got foot of snow in July. It was awful.

"Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose."

C.S. Lewis (via saveit-forasunnyday)


Common Kingfisher by Madhawa on Flickr.

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